1. 8bit-blog:

    Ashley Wood’s art of Metal Gear Solid

  2. can’t beat these seats! (at Xcel Energy Center)

  3. Early poster concept drawing by Tom Jung, from before the title change from “Revenge” to “Return”.

  4. Happy 20th Anniversary to Doom!

    I just started reading a highly recommended book titled “The Masters of Doom" which chronicles the misadventures of the two founders of id software John Carmack and John Romero (whom the book calls the Lennon and McCarthy of video games). I’m only a few chapters in but it has so far lived up to my expectations and I’d highly recommend it to anyone else.

    Also, in honor of the 20th anniversary, if you’re interested in a few laughs, be sure to check out the amazing over-the-top nonsensical Doom comic book.

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